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Protectorate Teachers Urged to Stress Racial Gulf Between Jews and Czechs

Teachers in the Czech Protectorate schools were today urged to concentrate on the teaching of “racial theory, stressing the gulf which exists between Czechs and Jews,” in a special broadcast over the Prague radio.

Stating that despite constant anti-Jewish propaganda in the press and on the radio the Czech population still does not realize the racial separation between Czechs and Jews, the broadcast emphasized that teachers must educate the youth to understand that a common language does not always characterize members of the same nation. “Just as German Jews are not a part of the German nation, so Czech Jews are not a part of the Czech nation, despite the fact that they speak the same language,” the Nazis speaker pointed out.

He stressed the fact that the Czechs are racially related to the Germans and that disregard of this fact had brought much evil into Czech political life.