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Jewish Suffering Under Nazis Must Be Discussed at Peace Table, Senator Says

Since Germany has made the disposition of the Jewish race an issue in the war, the entire subject of Jewish sufferings and disabilities should receive due consideration at the peace table, Senator James M. Tunnel of Delaware, declared last night addressing the Mizrachi Jubilee celebration held at Town Hall here on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Orthodox Zionist Mizrachi movement in America.

“Palestine should by right and justice be a Jewish land and there must be no practice of appeasement to its detriment and that of the Zionist ideal,” the Senator said. Declaring that he favors the establishment of a Jewish Army, the Senator argued: “The Jews have suffered most in this war. Why should they not be given some of our plentiful lease-lend equipment and their own organization in helping destroy Hitlerism? In a fair and equal fight the Jewish soldier is more than a match for any Nazi military hoodlum.”