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Nazis Discontinue Use of Jewish Labor in Poland As Result of Spreading Epidemics

German trade publications reaching here today disclose that the spread of epidemic diseases will prevent the further importing of Jewish artisans from Poland to the Reich.

German manufacturers are similarly warned that for the time being they should make no further plans which involve the sending of raw materials to the Jewish ghettos in Poland for use in the production there by Jewish artisans of articles needed for the German Army. The warning says that the German military command wishes to take no chances and alleges that “many German soldiers were infected with epidemic diseases by uniforms and underwear produced by workers in Poland.”

At the same time the Voelkischer Beobechter estimates that about forty percent of the Jewish population in occupied Poland could be used as qualified laborers in German industry if there were no fear of the spread of epidemics. The Jews in the ghettos have proven good workers as tailors, shoe-makers, and blacksmiths, Hitler’s organ admits.