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Enemy Aliens Must Carry Identification Cards; Revocation of Citizenship for Treason

President Roosevelt ordered today that all enemy aliens within the U. S., Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands obtain certificates of identification. Attorney General Biddle will set up the machinery for issuing the certificates.

The House passed by voice vote and sent to the Senate yesterday a bill to permit the withdrawal of citizenship from any naturalized American whose “conduct establishes that his political allegiance is to a foreign state or sovereignty.” Under the measure those whose conduct, as disclosed by acts, writings or utterances, establishes them as giving their allegiance to another state or sovereignty, could be classified as enemy aliens and in some instances dealt with accordingly.

This tightening up of the Nationality Act of 1940, along with other restrictions approved by the House, won the support and votes of both major parties of the House. The measure provided also for a speeding-up of naturalization cancellation proceedings, giving naturalized aliens only thirty days, instead of the sixty now allowed, in which to answer complaints filed against them.