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Jewish Students Expelled from University of Budapest After Anti-semitic Riots

Jewish students in the technical school of the University of Budapest were expelled recently after having been attacked by bands of anti-Semitic students who sought to force the Jews to don yellow Mogen David badges, it was reported today by Free Hungarian circles here.

The demonstrations occurred when anti-Semitic students passed a resolution that the few Jewish students still permitted to study in the University under the “numerus clausus” must wear yellow Mogen Davids. Jewish students not complying with this arbitrary order were attacked. As a result of the outbreak the Jewish students were expelled from the University while the anti-Semites went unpunished.

The Hungarian Minister of Education speaking in Parliament confirmed the fact that the Jewish students had been attacked first and admitted that this was done without the rector’s permission. The government, however, he stated, did not consider it necessary to intervene.