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Two Gestapo Leaders Marked for Revenge in Retaliation for Their Cruelty to Jews

Two leading Gestapo men were today marked to meet with “violent death” in reprisal for their cruel torturing of thousands of Jews in Germany and in Nazi-occupied Poland. The two are Adillo Globotchnik, the Nazi commissar of Lublin, and Karl Kanstein, who was chief of the Gestapo office in Berlin during the anti-Jewish pogroms there in the autumn of 1938 and is now the chief of the Gestapo in Denmark.

These two Gestapo leaders were branded today over the British Broadcasting Company station as “arch-criminals who will not be forgotten for punishment.” The broadcast addressed from London to the nations in Nazi-occupied territories said that “it can be prophesied that the two will meet with violent death.”

Globotchnik is responsible for the very cruel treatment of Jews deported from various parts of the Reich into the Lublin district of which he was the chief. As former district commissioner of Vienna in 1939 he is also responsible for the torturing to death and murdering of many Jews in Austria. Kanstein is now pressing the Danish authorities in Copenhagen for the introduction of anti-Jewish legislation in the same manner as this was done in Germany.