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Bulgarian Jews Forced to Surrender Insurance Policies, Stocks and Bonds

Bulgarian Jews have been ordered to surrender all insurance policies, stocks and bonds in order to meet the 575,000,000 leva tax which the government has imposed upon Jewish property throughout the country, according to a report appearing in the Sofia newspaper Utro, reaching here today.

The report lists the following sums which have already been confiscated: shares of the Granitoid Co. valued at 50,000,000 levas from the brothers Nisim and Moise Avramov of Sofia; 99,720 levas in insurance policies from Dr. Marke Romano of Sofia; 2,314,000 in bonds belonging to the Jewish industrialist Kudjumbiski of Sofia, and 404,312 levas in investments belonging to Nastia Kudjumbiski; 130,000 leva insurance policy from Leon Bezherano; 210,000 levas in deposits belonging to Haim Davidov of Silistria.