Rumanian Government Declares 120 Prominent Bucharest Jews Are Hostages
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Rumanian Government Declares 120 Prominent Bucharest Jews Are Hostages

About 120 of the most prominent Jews of Bucharest, including Dr. William Filderman and Chief Rabbi Shafran, were notified this week by the Rumanian authorities that they are considered hostages for any acts of “Jewish sabotage” that may take place in the country, according to a report from Berlin published today in the Svenska Dagbladet, a Swedish newspaper.

The Jewish leaders, the Berlin report reveals, were all ordered to appear at a certain hour in the Temple Choral, the largest synagogue in the city. There a government communication was read to them informing them of the decision to hold them collectively responsible for any acts of sabotage which may be ascribed to Jews. The communication added that until further notice they may stay at their homes and even move freely in the city.

The Svenska Dagbladet correspondent also reports that tomorrow, March 10, has been set for the deportation to the Transnistria area, the Rumanian-held sections of the Soviet Ukraine, of all Jews who have not completed their compulsory labor service or are unable to prove that they worked at clearing snow.

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