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Ship Leaves Palestine with Food for Greeks; Further Food Restrictions for Warsaw Ghetto

British authorities today announced that a Swedish ship left Haifa yesterday for Greece carrying a cargo of wheat for the Greek people starving under Axis occupation. The ship was chartered by the British Government, the announcement said.

Jewish organizations here believe that their appeals for British permission to send food to the starving Jews in the ghettos of Poland will be dealt with as generously as in the case of the starving Greeks. A Jewish memorandum on this problem is now in the hands of the proper British authorities for consideration.

The Krakauer Zeitung, a Nazi paper published in Cracow, which reached here today via neutral countries, reports that the Nazi authorities in Warsaw have taken stronger measures to prevent food trickling into the ghetto from the surrounding villages. The paper states that Jews from the Warsaw ghetto have been stealing out to the neighboring townships where they buy food from local Polish peasants and even from Germans and find their way with it back into the ghetto. The Nazi commissar for Warsaw has therefore ordered that a thorough check be made on all trains and carts en route to Warsaw from neighboring districts.