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300 Rabbis and Jewish Religious Leaders Reported Dead in Nazi Concentration Camp

More than 300 rabbis and Jewish orthodox leaders have died in the Nazi camp in Oswiecim, Poland, according to a reliable report reaching here today. In Warsaw alone ashes of 14 rabbis were received by the families of the victims.

Estimating that there are at present 3,000 Jews interned in the Oswiecim camp, the report states that the majority of the rabbis and Jewish religious leaders who perished there were killed by the Nazi administration of the camp. The remainder died of the inhuman treatment to which they were subjected. Nazi newspapers published in Poland report that the German governor in Warsaw issued an order providing the death penalty for any Pole who gives shelter to Jews leaving the ghetto illegally. Recently, Jews have been trying to smuggle themselves out of the ghetto for the sole purpose of securing food which is becoming more and more scarce within the ghetto walls.