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All Jewish Bachelors and Childless Jews Sent to Forced Labor in Slovakia

Declaring that the final aim of Slovakia is to have all Jews deported from the country, Sano Mach, the Slovakian Minister of Interior, at a press conference in Bratislava yesterday announced that “it can be considered that the Jews have been completely eliminated from Slovakia’s economy without any upheavals of the country’s economic life.”

The minister of the Nazi-puppet State refuted the charge that the Slovak Government is acting on the Jewish question under pressure from Germany. He disclosed that all Jewish bachelors and married men who have no children have been exiled from their homes and sent to centers of production “for healthy work.” He added that their families will be permitted to join them only “when conditions will allow it.”

Repeating that the Slovak Government is definitely determined to enforce compulsory emigration of Jews, Mach said that converted Jews will also be deported. He accused the Jews of being “the bearers of enemy propagandas” and stated that many of them were sent to labor camps because “they prepared sabotage and spread damaging rumors and leaflets.” At the same time he also revealed that the Evangelic Pastor Puskas was exiled from Zvolen on the charge that he was conducting mass-Christening of Jews.