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Jews in Occupied Wolhynia Will Be Sent to Work in Pinsk Swamps, Nazi Paper Reports

The Jews in the Wolhynian district of Nazi-occupied Poland will soon be sent to forced labor in the Pripet Marshes, in the Pinsk region, it is announced in the pro-Nazi Ukrainian newspaper Krakiwski Visti, reaching here today from Cracow.

The paper reports that there are still many Jews living in the city of Rovno and other Wolhynian cities which were formerly a part of Poland. They are required to wear a yellow circle on their backs in order to be distinguished from Jews in Nazi-held Galicia who wear a yellow Star of David. Some of them are employed at manual labor, but plans are being made to send all of them to do drainage work in the Pinsk swamps.

Many Jews are also still living in Royzes, which was on the pre-war Polish-Russian frontier in the Ukraine, about twenty mile from Rovno, the Krakiwski Visti reports. It adds that practically no Jews are left in the Soviet part of Wolhynia because the majority of them retreated with the Russian army, and many others were killed when the towns were occupied by the German troops.