Wedgwood Sees Postwar Palestine As Self-governing Member of Federal Union
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Wedgwood Sees Postwar Palestine As Self-governing Member of Federal Union

A Jewish Palestine as a free member in a Federal Union composed of Great Britain, the United States, the British Dominions and India was visualized here today by Col. Joshua Wedgwood addressing a meeting of the Friends of a Jewish Labor Palestine.

“Palestine should find its place after the war in such a Union with the same self-governing rights as the other members of this Union,” Wedgwood said. “There must not exist any immigration laws among the members of the Union. Palestine, achieving a Jewish majority, must rule itself with justice for everybody, including of course, the Arabs.”

James Middleton, addressing the meeting in behalf of the British Labor Party, announced that a delegation of the Labor Party will call upon Lord Cranborne, the British Colonial Minister this week to demand from him that Jewish refugees wandering on the high seas be admitted into Palestine.

A regional conference of the Trade Union Cooperative organizations held today in Yorkshire adopted a resolution urging the labor movement in England “to do everything in its power to put an end to the unjust Palestine policy of closing the doors of the country for refugees from Nazi persecution.” The conference, attended by more than 150 delegates, demanded encouragement of the Jewish war effort in Palestine by the creation of a fighting force under a Jewish flag. A resolution expressing sympathy with the Jews in Nazi-occupied countries was also adopted at the conference.