Anti-jewish Plot by Pro-japanese Fifth Column Revealed in Australia
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Anti-jewish Plot by Pro-japanese Fifth Column Revealed in Australia

The liquidation of all Jewish organizations in Australia, the confiscation of all Jewish property and the internment of all Jews in concentration camps was part of a program projected by ringleaders of an Australian fifth column who were prepared to aid the Japanese forces in the event of a successful enemy landing in Western Australia, it was revealed here today.

The disclosures were made in a Perth court during the hearing of three men and one woman who were committed for trial on the charge of conspiring to aid the Japanese in their drive to invade Australia. A program prepared by the four came into the possession of the Australian intelligence service and was read at the hearing, proving that the accused conducted a pro-Axis and anti-Jewish movement in order to aid an Axis invasion of Australia.

The program, which had even nominated a “new government” for Australia, provided for the shooting of people opposed to the Nazis. It advocated the abolition of Australia’s “white policy” and emphasized that one of its basic principles was “to remove all Jews from government positions, to confiscate Jewish property, to liquidate all synagogues and Jewish organizations, and to have all Jews interned in camps.”

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