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Nazis Use Jewish War Prisoners As Guinea Pigs for Poison Gas Experiments

Hundreds of Jewish and Russian war prisoners have lost their lives in the German monastery in Liebenau, Wuertemberg, where the Nazis have used them as guinea pigs for poison gas experiments, according to reliable information reaching here today.

Under the pretext that the war prisoners were “slightly demented” and must be kept under special observation, the Nazi authorities transported them to Liebenau where they were used as subjects in experiments with poison gas in the same manner as were the Jewish internees in the notorious Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria.

Though the fact that war prisoners were used for poison gas experiments was kept a military secret, neutral diplomats learned of it. Afraid of retaliation, the Nazis rushed to liquidate their gas laboratories in Liebenau and converted the monastery into an internment camp for women of enemy countries.