Slovakian People Urged to Oppose Anti-jewish Measures of Government
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Slovakian People Urged to Oppose Anti-jewish Measures of Government

The brutal persecution of Jews in Slovakia was condemned today in a broadcast from here to the people of Slovakia by the Czechoslovakian Minister of Interior, Juraj Slavik.

Denouncing the raids on Jewish homes and the deportation of thousands of Jews from the Nazi puppet-state of Slovakia to Nazi-held Eastern European territories, the Czechoslovak minister expressed the hope that “the God-fearing Slovak people will avenge the shame and disgrace brought upon the Slovak nation.” He appealed to the people of Slovakia “to show Christian love to the Jews who are suffering most.”

Great interest in the situation of the Jews in Nazi-held Europe was displayed by Swedish leaders and officials during the visit paid to Sweden by the Bishop of Chichester, who is a member of the House of Lords. Addressing a press conference here today, the Bishop disclosed that he was asked by a number of statesmen in Sweden as to the future of the Jews after the war. He assured the Swedes that this question was receiving a great deal of attention in Britain and that the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London is engaged in making a study of it.

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