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Campaign to Expel All Jews from Dwellings Launched in Hungary, Yugoslavia

Citing the expulsion of Jews in Bulgaria from their apartments as an example, the Nazi-dominated press in Hungary and in occupied Yugoslavia has opened a campaign to have all Jews in these two countries ousted from their dwellings into special segregated areas, according to the Donau Zeitung, Nazi newspaper for the Balkan countries reaching here today.

Corporal punishment has been introduced in occupied Yugoslavia for persons convicted of selling food to Jews in the black market. The German press reaching here today reports that several people have received twenty-five strokes each in Belgrade with a warning that if they are again caught supplying food to Jews, they will be sentenced to death.

In Slovakia, the local German population was granted autonomy in issuing laws dealing with Jews, a report from Bratislava stated. The severe anti-Jewish laws issued by the anti-Semitic government of Slovakia are considered by the Germans there to be “insufficient,” the report said.