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Portuguese Steamer Lands 215 Refugees from Europe; Grynszpan’s Lawyer Aboard

Isidor Frankel, one of the lawyers employed in the defense of Hershl Grynszpan, the Jewish youth from Poland who assassinated the Nazi diplomat Ernst von Rath in Paris before the outbreak of the war, was among the 215 refugees who arrived here today on the Portuguese steamer Guine from Lisbon.

The Guine’s sailing from Lisbon and Casablanca with 415 refugees was arranged by the Joint Distribution Committee. One refugee, Rudolf Grossman, died ten days after the vessel left Europe on its 41-day voyage. About 200 passengers were discharged at Vera Cruz, Mexico. A one-year-old baby, Nathan Feurstein, who was born in a concentration camp in France, was one of the refugees who landed. His parents were unable to explain how the child survived in the camp. Sixty Polish Jews scheduled to sail on the steamer were at the last minute not permitted to leave Casablanca, the refugee-passengers stated. No reason was given for this action, they said.