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U.s., Britain Urged to Wars on Nazis on Border of Jews in First Yiddish Talk on B.b.c.

An appeal to the governments of Great Britain and the United States to warn the Germans of retaliation for the mass-murder of Jews by the Nazis in the occupied countries was voiced today by a speaker on the first Yiddish program ever broadcast by the British Broadcasting System.

After summarizing the accounts of the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Jews in Poland, the Yiddish speaker, who particularly stressed that the Nazis are now using poison gas to suffocate their victims, read a letter sent by a Jewish woman in one ghetto in Poland to her sister in another ghetto. In the letter, which reached England through underground channels, the Jewish woman wrote: “My hands are trembling as I write this. Our minutes are numbered. Only the Lord knows whether we will ever see one another again. If you do not receive any more letters from me, you will know that we are no longer alive.”