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Nazis Forbid Swedish Red Cross to Visit Ghettos; 11,000 Jews Executed in Jassy

A delegation of the Swedish Red Cross, which is leaving for the Baltic countries today to investigate the medical needs of the population there, was forced to give a pledge to the German authorities that it will not deliver any food or medicaments to the Jews in the ghettos. The delegation was also required to promise that none of its members will make any statements about the Jewish position in the Baltic lands when they return to Sweden.

The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet today reports that 11,000 Jews were executed in the city of Jassy, Rumania, in the course of the last twelve months. The report is confirmed by a Jewish eye-witness who recently succeeded in escaping from Rumania.

Berlin correspondents of Swedish newspapers inform that the Nazi authorities in occupied Holland this week issued an order prohibiting Dutch Jews from entering railway stations, or using any kind of public transportation. The order also bars Jews from entering non-Jewish barber shops, using telephones and sharing rooms with non Jews.