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Job Discrimination Will Not Reoccur After War if Halted Now, Fdr Committee Head States

Hiring without discrimination against race or creed will persist after the war, if it can be established now in accordance with the Government’s war policy, Chairman Malcolm S. MacLean of the President’s Committee on Fair Employment Practice said today.

Dr. MacLean spoke on “Strategy in Employment of Minority Groups After the War” before a five-day institute “Defense Planning for the Future,” sponsored by the national non-partisan council on public affairs of “Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority” in session at Howard University here. Minority groups must organize behind the movement against discrimination, Dr. MacLean said, if its goal is to be attained. Bickering among them will only delay progress, he added.

President Roosevelt is expected to issue a new order soon, broadening the power of the committee to deal with discrimination in every activity over which the federal government has jurisdiction, including the army and navy. Under its new set-up, the committee will get additional power, funds and personnel to carry out investigations and enforce its orders.