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Two-day Pogrom in Lwow Ghetto; Many Reported Killed; Much Property Damaged

A two-day pogrom in which “many Jews were massacred and much Jewish property damaged” was reported here today as having taken place in Lwow, Nazi-held capital of Eastern Galicia.

The pogrom, which was carried out at the end of June, has left the Jews remaining in the city fearful that new anti-Jewish outbreaks may be expected any day, the report stated. No further details of the pogrom are as yet available here.

Foreign observers are inclined to believe that the Nazis have decided on a policy of exterminating the Jews through mass-murder in order to save as much food as possible for the Nazi armies in Eastern Europe. Though the Jews are not given anything but a very meager ration of bread, the Nazis seem to be eager to save even this small quantity of bread since Germany is not able to get enough foodstuffs from the Ukraine to even feed her own troops on the Russian front.