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Argentine Government Asked to Curb Anti-jewish Demonstrations in Buenos Aires

A memorandum asking the Government of Argentina to take stern measures against the anti-Jewish demonstrations which pro-Nazi elements are conducting in the capital has been submitted to the Minister of Interior by the “Organisacion Popular contra el Antisemitismo,” it was announced here today.

The memorandum points out that the anti-Semitic demonstrations are becoming more and more bold to a point where the demonstrators call openly for pogroms on Jews. The memorandum also reveals that a Jewish medical student, A. Ribak, was compelled by threats to resign from a special course which he was taking in the Hospital Militar Central in Buenos Aires.

Besides submitting its memorandum to the Minister of Interior, the organization, in its work of combatting anti-Semitism, has also issued an appeal to political parties, democratic organizations, student associations and labor unions to lend their aid in the fight against the anti-Jewish activities in the country and to mobilize their forces to counteract the pro-Nazi elements who are behind these activities.