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Germans “inherit” 300,000 Jewish Rooms in Vienna; Frankfurt-on-main Completely “judenrein”

Frankfurt-on-Main, where Jews have been living since the 12th century, is now completely “judenrein,” according to the German press reaching here today. The city had a Jewish population of about 26,000 at the time when Hitler seised power in 1933.

The same newspaper reports that of the 175,000 Jews who were living in Austria at the time of the Nazi occupation, only 33,000 remain. At the sane time, Baldur von Schirach, Nazi commissar for Vienna, announced today over the radio that more than 300,000 single rooms in Vienna have been taken from Jews there and given to Germans evacuated from cities blasted by the Royal Air Force.

“The former inhabitants of these 300,000 rooms have either died, or been deported,” the Nazi gauleiter declared. He added that the 33,000 Jews who are still in Vienna have been forced to live in 7,000 rooms.