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Hungarian Government Launches Wide-spread Anti-semitic Propaganda Campaign

The Hungarian Government is following up its recent series of anti-Jewish measures with a wide-spread anti-Semitic propaganda campaign evidently designed to shift the people’s attention from the tremendous losses being suffered by the Hungarian troops on the Russian front, it is reported here today.

Prof. Belabnov, a White Russian emigre, who was formerly connected with the University of Petrograd, is touring sections of Hungary lecturing on “Jewish Bolshevism.” Thousands of anti-Semitic leaflets are distributed in conjunction with his visits to different towns. In addition, thirty Hungarian towns have opened reading rooms stocked with volumes containing violent anti-Jewish, anti-Communist and anti-Free Mason propaganda.

The Novo Vreme, Nazi paper published in Belgrade, which was received here today, reports that the anti-Jewish activities in Hungary are “effectively promoting cooperation between the Serbs, Hungarians and Germans.”