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Nazis Block Wages of Jews in Holland; Jewish Council Forced to Approve Deportations

Nazi authorities in Holland have issued an order blocking the wages of Jewish employees if they exceed 250 guilders a month, it was reported here today.

The order forbids employers paying in cash more than 250 guilders a month to Jewish employees. Wages in excess of this sum must be deposited by the employer on blocked Jewish accounts in an Amsterdam bank designated for this transaction. Wherever several members of the same Jewish family are employed in one enterprise, the total wages to be paid out in cash to all the members of the family must also not exceed 250 guilders, the order directs.

The Amsterdam Jewish Council, it was learned here today, has been forced by the Gestapo to issue a special warning to the Jews of Holland against attempts at evasion of deportation for slave labor in occupied Eastern Europe. Jews who receive deportation orders are warned to be ready to comply at once, otherwise, they expose themselves to the penalty of incarceration in the Nazi concentration camp in Mauthausen. Jewish internees in the Mauthausen camp are utilized as guinea pigs for poison gas experiments.