Soviet Diplomats Promise Intervention for Zionists in Russia
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Soviet Diplomats Promise Intervention for Zionists in Russia

A promise that they will discuss with the central authorities in Russia the question of enabling Zionists and stranded Palestine citizens to leave the USSR for Palestine was given here today by the two Soviet diplomats, Pavel Michailovich and M. Petrenko, who came here from Ankara to attend the conference of the Palestine League to Aid Russia.

The pledge was made by the Russian representatives at a press conference held today prior to their departure for Ankara. The two diplomats asked the Jewish press to convey to the Yishuv their thanks for their warm reception and indicated the possibility of an exchange of visits by journalists of Russia and Palestine. “We were greatly impressed with the economic and cultural achievements of the Jews in Palestine where hundreds of thousands of Jews have received the opportunity to build a new and happier life on a new basis,” Michailovitch declared.

The Soviet diplomats today visited the headquarters of the Jewish Agency and the Jewish National Council and bade official farewells. The delegation also met with leaders of the Arab Anti-Fascist Committee. The meeting took place at the farm school for Jewish girls.

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