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30,000 Jews Executed in Serbia; Nazis Order Jews from Salonica into Mountains

More than 30,000 Yugoslavian Jews have been massacred in Axis-occupied Serbia by the occupational authorities, according to information reaching official Yugoslavian circles here today. Several thousand Jews who escaped execution have either joined the ranks of the Yugoslav partisans or are living in the mountains as nomads, the report said.

Nazi occupational authorities in Salonica, Greece, have forced the few Jews remaining there to move to the surrounding mountain villages, Greek circles here disclosed today, expressing the fear that the Nazis intend to execute these Jews, later, on the pretext that they are cooperating with guerrilla fighters.

A nows broadcast from Budapest, heard here today, stated that Hungary still has 1,000,000 Jews “opposed” to the aims of the Hungarian nation.” The statement was attributed to Johan Barczay, State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, and apparently included the Jewish population of the parts of Rumania and Yugoslavia annexed by Hungary.