French Police Fettering Jews En Route to Deportation Centers
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French Police Fettering Jews En Route to Deportation Centers

Jews in unoccupied France are now being fettered when arrested for shipment to concentration camps in the Pyrenees prior to deportation to Nazi-held East European territories, it is reported in a dispatch from Vichy appearing in the Tribune de Lausanne today.

The French gendarmes, apparently acting upon government instructions, tie the hands of the Jews with rope, similar to handcuffs, before leading them from their homes to the railroad stations where they are loaded into freight cars for transportation to the camps. Only Jewish children are left unfettered, and consequently they are forced to carry what luggage the family is permitted to take with them.

A report in the Journal de Geneva today states that units of the French Mobile Guard are now assisting the border patrol along the France-Swiss frontier, in order to prevent the escape of any more refugees into Switzerland. Despite these guards, an ever-increasing number of Jews are attempting to flee France, the Geneva daily states.

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