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1,850 Jews from Poland and Western Europe Executed by Nazis in Smolensk Area

The Moscow radio today reported that 1,850 Jews were recently executed in new Nazi massacres in the Smolensk district.

The executed Jews, it was believed, were deportees brought from Poland, Belgium and Holland for forced labor building roads in Nazi-occupied Russian territory.

Russian soldiers are taking revenge on the Nazis not only for the destruction which the Nazi invaders have brought to the Russian population, but also for the murdered Jews and Poles in Nazi-occupied Poland and for the establishment of Jewish ghettos there, Polish Ambassador Adam Kot declared in a parting message addressed to Polish refugees in Russia, which was made public here today.

Professor Kot is now in the Middle East on route to London to assume a post in the Polish Cabinet. He appealed to the Polish refugees to maintain internal discipline and not to discriminate against each other, “We must be conscious that the war on Soviet territory is also our war,” he emphasized in his message.