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Jews, As Nation, Will Not Be Seated on United Nations’ Commission on Nazi Atrocities

Jews as such will not be given a place in the commission which the United Nations is setting up for the purpose of gathering evidence of Nazi atrocities against the civilian population in occupied countries, but various governments which will be represented on this commission are free to appoint Jewish citizens as their representatives, if they so desire.

This is the essence of a statement made in the House of Commons today by Richard K. Law, British Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs, in reply to a written question on the subject. Queried by David Adams as to whether the Jews, in view of their being persecuted by the Nazis and other Axis war criminals, will be given a seat in the United National’ Commission on Nazi Atrocities, the British official replied,

“The commission will collect evidence of atrocities committed against Jews and non-Jews. It is therefore contemplated that the members of the commission should be nationals of the United Nations.”