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Chief Rabbi of Berlin Appeals for Intra-community Aid; Jews Must Surrender Mirrors

A pathetic call to the remaining Jews in Germany to help each other now that they are isolated from the rest of the world and depend solely on one another is published in the “Juedisches Nachrichtenblatt,” organ of the German Jewish community, the only publication which the Gestapo still permits the Jews in the Reich to issue.

The appeal reaching here today was signed by Br, Leo Baeck, the aged Chief Rabbi of Germany, who has been arrested several times by the Gestapo and who is now the head of the Reichsvereinigung of the Jews of Germany, which is the Jewish representative body in the Reich. “Jewish communion today more than ever means community aid,” Dr. Basck says in his appeal.

The Juedische Nachrichtenblatt which arrived here today from Berlin also carries a Nazi decree ordering the Jews in Germany to surrender all electrical household equipment, including flat irons, vacuum cleaners and stoves. Another decree orders the Jews to turn in all their mirrors to the police authorities. The Nachrichtenblatt which reached here by mail, was passed by the German postal censors.