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Mass-transfer of Jews from Europe to Palestine After War Demanded by Ben-gurion

A post-war transfer of Jews from Europe to Palestine, modelled after the mass-transfer of Greeks from Turkey by the League of Nations after the last war, was urged today by David Ben-Gurion addressing the conference of the Jewish Labor Party (Mapai) which is meeting in Kfar Vitkin, one of the smaller Jewish settlements.

In advocating such a transfer, the labor leader emphasized that Jews must be given control of the project. He said that the plan can be realized because “there are vast stretches of uncultivated land thirsty for redemption” and there are also “tremendous resources of human power and pioneering at our disposal.”

Ben-Gurion mocked those in America who urge the necessity of seeking peace with the Arabs. He said that the Jewish Agency has never missed any opportunity to seek peace. “Let those American peace-seekers first persuade the Arabs that Arab-Jewish peace is necessary, we are already persuaded,” he said.