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Vichy Government Warns Jews in France of Further Anti-jewish Measures

The “few measures” that have been taken against the Jews in France are only the forerunners of others which will follow shortly, it was stated today by an official spokesman of the Vichy Commissariate for Jewish Affairs, broadcasting over the Toulouse radio. “Jews cannot be assimilated, even if they so desire,” he said,” since they are dangerous foreigners. The national revolution will be anti-Jewish or there will be no national revolution.”

At the same time, in Paris, Jacques Doriot, leader of the anti-Semitic Popular Party, delivered a six-hour harangues to a congress of his party, demanding that all the anti-Jewish decrees now in force in occupied France be extended to the unoccupied zone and to the French colonial possessions. “As long as France does not completely accept the anti-Jewish attitude she is not doing anything for her future,” Doriot said.