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Underground Activities in Croatia Directed from Jewish Cemetery, Nazis Claim

A report that the chief of police in the town of Carazdin, Croatia, has discovered a secret Jewish organization directing anti-Nazi activities from the premises of the Jewish cemetery there is published in the Deutsche Zeitung, a daily newspaper issued by the Nazis in Zagreb, reaching here today.

The Nazi report says that the Croatian police, when raiding the cemetery, discovered that a clandestine newspaper was being printed there carrying news of the United Nations, picked up from British broadcasts. Hundreds of copies of the latest issue of the illegal publication were seized by the police, the report claims

The Nazi newspaper also carries an interview with the chief of police of Carazdin charging the Jews in the Nazi-puppet state with maintaining contact with the Yugoslavian guerillas. “While traveling as traders, the Jews actually act as spies for the guerillas, keeping them informed of the movements of Axis troops and the location of military supply depots,” the police chief alleged.