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Jewish Children in Norway Seized As Hostages; Zionist Leader Arrested in Prague

The Norwegian news agency here today reported that more than 2,300 Jews, including half-Jews and quarter-Jews, have been arrested by the Quisling regime in Norway since the last week in October. In cases where the Quisling police could not find the head of the family, they seized his children as hostages, the report states.

In Prague, the Nazis arrested Dr. Franz Kahn, well-known Zionist who was the head of the arrangement committee for the Zionist Congresses, and as such was the first to open the sessions of the World Zionist Congress wherever it took place, according to information reaching Zionist circles here today. Disregarding the fact that Dr. Kahn has only one arm, the Nazis deported him to the fortress of Therezin where Czech Jews are being held for further deportation to occupied eastern territory.

Reports from Hungary reaching here today through neutral countries reveal that an organization of baptized Jews there,with 3,000 members, has been dissolved.