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Post-war Bill of Rights for Reich Jews Demands Government Aid for Returning Refugees

A post-war “bill of rights” for German Jews, embodying a dcmand for state aid to all returning refugees until they can rehabilitate themselves, will be made public here on Sunday at a meeting called to mark the fourth anniversary of the destruction of many synagogues in Germany by the Nazis.

The declaration of rights, which has been drawn up by German non-Jewish refugees, provides:

1.-Introduction of legal statutes repealing all the anti-Jewish laws.

2.-Maximum penalties for attempted anti-Semitic propaganda and discrimination against Jewish citizens.

3.-The arrest and trial of those responsible for murdering and looting Jews.

4.-All expatriation measures are to be declared null and void.

5.-The return of German Jews forcibly deported to Nazi-occupied territory will be regulated by an international body.

6.-The state will be responsible for rebuilding all destroyed synagogues and making restitution for the destroyed property of Jewish communities.

7.-Every immigrant will be able to claim state assistance until he or she is able to resume regular work. The “bill of rights” will be read at Sunday’s meeting by Johann Flading, former member of the Prussian Parliament. The meeting has been arranged by the German League for Culture.