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Quisling Government Publishes List of Norwegian Jews Deprived of Their Property

The first list of 585 Norwegian Jews whose property has been confiscated by the Quisling administration following the arrest of the victims, was made public in Oslo today by the pro-Nazi Quisling Government. Further lists will be published before the and of the month. It is thought that the number of Jews whose property has been taken over by the state is even greater since the official list only includes the names of the heads of families.

All reports reaching here from Norway indicate that practically every Jewish made has been arrested. Even Jewish and half-Jewish professors of Oslo University have been sent to a camp. Among the interned are Professors Epstein and Jarosi who fled to Norway after the Nazis seized power in Germany. Prof. V. Goldschmidt, known throughout the world as an expert on mineralogy and geology, was also arrested by the Quisling police, but was subsequently released. Wives and daughters of the arrested Jews must report to the police daily.