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Aigiers Restores Civil Rights to Jews, Will Compensate Them for “aryanized” Property

All the anti-Jewish laws in Algiers were annuled and Jews who suffered from these laws were promised compensation in a decision adopted yesterday by the municipality of the Algerian capital, according to information reaching here today.

In abrogating the anti-Jewish laws which the Vichy regime imposed, the municipality of Algiers adopted a resolution stating that “the city will again be governed by principles of equality.” Other cities in Algeria are expected to announce the cancellation of the anti-Jewish regulations.

Jewish communal bodies in Algeria and French Morocco, the North African territories now under American military administrations, have formed special committees to compile lists of all Jewish enterprises which were “Aryanized” under the Vichy laws and taken from their Jewish owners. At the same time, according to reports from Algiers, many anti-Jewish leaders in North Africa, as well as “Aryans” who were appointed as commissioners of “Aryanized” Jewish business firms, are fleeing to Spanish Morocco.