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Break with Vichy Suspends Action on Visas for Applicants in France, N.r.s. Reports

Since the breaking off of diplomatic relations with Vichy, all applications for United States visas on behalf of applicants in southern France, are, for the present, being placed in an inactive file, it was reported today by the National Refugee Service. The N.R.S. also announced that instructions have been issued to field offices of the Immigration and Naturalization Service to expedite the naturalization process for aliens of enemy nationalities.

No steps can be taken to provide persons with visas to the United States who reside in territory where no consular visa services are available, the National Refugee Service has been informed by the State Department which states “no assurance may be given that an alien will receive a visa at an American consular office until he appears in person and is found upon examination to qualify in all respects under our immination laws.” Until definite information can be furnished to show the persons in question have actually arrived in the territory where they will apply for visas, their cases should not be taken up with the Department.