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Nazi Racial Theory Condemned at Interfaith Meeting at U.S. Military Reservation

Freedom, tolerance and brotherhood were pointed out as the three basic principles of American life by chaplains of three faiths as men of the entire Fort Riley area met together for the first interfaith prayer meeting ever held on this military reservation.

Speakers at the service, held in Red Cross recreation headquarters of the station hospital at Camp Whitside, were Chaplain Francis S. Rzasa, Catholic; Chaplain Robert M. Man, Protestant, and Chaplain Edward T. Sandrow, Jewish. Rev. Rzasa, speaking of Nazi tyranny, condemned Hitler’s racial theory. Chaplain Man said that “in the world of the future we must be as ready to help our brothers in need, whether he be Jews or Gentile, Protestant or Catholic, Negro or white man, as we are ready now to risk our lives on the battlefield to save a fallen comrade.”