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Zionist Emergency Committee Warns Council for Judaism on Impending Conflict

The American Emergency Committee for Zionist Affairs today released a statement taking issue with the recently formed American Council for Judaism on its attitude towards Zionist aspirations in Palestine.

“The formation by a small group of rabbis of the so-called ‘American Council for Judaism’ whose avowed object it is to fight the restoration of the Jews as a nation in their own home find, has come as a painful shock to the vast majority of Jews throughout the country,” the statement said. Signed by Dr. Stephen S. Wise, president of the Committee, the statement denounced the American Council for Judaism as being against the policy of the Balfour Declaration which “was endorsed by the nations of the world” and warned that “the responsibility for the conflict which impends within American Jewry, if the sponsors of this body proceed with their proposals, is their own. We can only deplore their misguided activities, the sole result of which will be to sow confusion.”