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142,000 Jews in Czechoslovakia Killed or Deported by Nazis, Survey Shows

Of the 95,000 Jews who resided in Slovakia after the partition of the Czechoslovak state by the Nazis, more than 65,000 had been deported to Poland by the end of October in accordance with a plan to make Slovakia “Judenrein” by January 1, 1943, it was reported here today by the Czechoslovak Press Bureau.

Of the 90,000 Jews in the Czech Protectorate more than 77,000 have died in concentration camps or have been deported to Polish ghettos from where they “disappeared,” the report stated. Those who remained in the Protectorate are starving and freezing to death. They are forbidden to buy clothing, fish, poultry, cheese, fruit, vegetables, jam and other essential food. Last month, Czechs were forbidden by the Nazis even to give these things to Jews – which shows how they were evading the decrees, the Czechoslovak report stated.