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Jews from Vilna and Kaunas Find Welcome in Uzbekistan; Majority Live in Kokand

Jews evacuated by the Russian authorities from Vilna and Kaunas prior to the Nazi occupation of those cities have found new homes and occupations in Uzbekistan, the majority of them in the city of Kokand, it was reported here today by the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee which will open its annual conference in Moscow on February 14, with delegates from all parts of the U.S.S.R. participating.

“The Jewish language,” the report says, “can now be heard spoken by refugees from Lithuania on the streets of Kokand as well as in factories and offices there. The evacuated Lithuanian Jews have established an excellent reputation among the local population and the local authorities. Jewish doctors from Vilna and Kaunas are working in the Kokand hospital and have gained the respect and admiration of all patients. Jewish artisans have established an unusually high record of production in the factories where they have been given employment. Evacuated members of the staff of the Yiddish Scientific Institute are now teaching in Kokand schools and Jewish children from Lithuania are continuing their education. All hope to see their native towns in Lithuania liberated soon so that they can return and rebuild their homes which the Nazis have ruined.”