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Wave of Pogroms on Jews in Galicia; Massacres in Lwow During Past Few Days

A brief message in code reaching here today from Poland states that pogroms have taken place during the last two weeks in numerous towns in Eastern Galicia and that in the city of Lwow the Nazi massacre of Jews lasted for several days.

The message, which came through underground channels, reads: “Doctor Harigah visited Lwow Jewish community during the second half of January and remained there for several days, after which he proceeded to the neighboring Jewish communities.” The word “Harigah” means massacre in Hebrew.

Reliable information reaching here from other sources substantiates the reports that the Nazis during the last few weeks have embarked on a policy of intensified annihilation of Jews in Galicia. Many young Jews have succeeded in fleeing from Nazi-held Galicia to the Ukraine, where they have joined Russian guerrilla units battling the Nazis, one of the reports states.