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President Roosevelt, in Message to U.j.a., Lauds Private Relief Agencies

President Roosevelt, in a message today endorsing the 1943 campaign of the United Jewish Appeal, lauded the work of private relief agencies and emphasized that the aid given by American Jews through the U.J.A. has been “a great physical and spiritual bulwark for many victims of oppression.” The message reads:

“Throughout the past decade of destruction of human life and decency by the Nazi regime, the American people have, through private relief and reconstruction agencies, manifested their deep concern and sympathy for the victims of racial and religious oppression. The preservation of the life of those whom the tyrants sought to destroy has been supported not only out of humanitarian considerations, but for the sake of sustaining the spirit of freedom and democracy in the lands where it has been temporarily crushed.

“The reconstructive help that has been extended through the United Jewish Appeal has been a great physical and spiritual bulwark for the many victims of oppression. Relief afforded to these victims overseas and aid extended to newcomers in our own country are praiseworthy humanitarian undertakings. It is my hope that the 1943 campaign of the United Jewish Appeal will make possible the continuance of this contribution to the alleviation of human suffering.”