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Anti-jewish Laws Applied to Norwegians Who Refuse to Divorce Jewish Spouses

Norwegians who are married to Jews and who refuse to divorce them are subject to all the discriminatory legislation affecting Jews proper, according to a ruling by the Quisling authorities, it is reported in the Svenska Dagbladet today. As a result of this decision, many Norwegian names, such as Anderson and Borgstrom, are frequently found in lists of persons whose property has been confiscated because they are Jewish, the Dagbladet says.

The Swedish Socialist paper, Arbetet, today carries an obituary on Henryk Erlich and Victor Alter, stating that the Soviet accusation that the two Polish-Jewish labor leaders sought to induce Russian troops to conclude a separate peace with Germany are without foundation. Both were staunch fighters for the workers and died as Polish-Jews and Socialists and not as traitors, the Arbetet writes.