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Swedish Jews in Nazi-occupied Countries Warned to Return to Sweden

Swedish Jews in Nazi-occupied countries now face the alternative of either returning to Sweden or being deported by the Nazis to unknown destinations for slave labor, the Swedish press reported today.

While non-Jewish citizens of Sweden are treated as neutrals in Nazi-held territories, Jewish holders of Swedish passports have been informed that if they do not leave for Sweden within a few weeks ,they will be ordered to don a Mogen David and will be sent to labor camps in occupied eastern lands where they will be treated as are the Jews of the conquered countries.

The Swedish newspapers also report that all Jews still alive in the Baltic countries are being drafted by the Nazi administration for work in factories.

The Svenska Dagbladet, in a report from Oslo, states that the pro-Nazi Norwegian administration has decided to introduce lectures on racialism in the schools of Norway with particular emphasis on the “detrimental influence of the Jews on Nordic culture.”