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Germans Wipe out Jews in Five Polish Towns; Jewish Girl Leads Guerrillas Against Nazis

According to information reaching the Polish Government through underground channels yesterday, all of the Jews in five large towns in Poland have been exterminated by the Nazis. The towns are Radomsk, Radzymin, Ujazd, Sobolew and Szczwerzec. No details concerning the massacres were received.

Malka Epstein, a 22-year-old Jewish girl, is now a legendary figure in Central Poland, a report reaching Polish government circles today stated. She is said to have become the leader of a guerrilla unit with headquarters in caves located in old quarries in the Kielce district. From these headquarters, the report says, the Jewish girl has been conducting sabotage and raids on Nazi units for the last eighteen months. She is credited with destroying many German monition stores and with derailing trains which were carrying German soldiers to the Russian front.