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Ex-mufti Appeals to Arabs in America to Abstain from Participating in War Effort

An appeal to Arabs in the United Stated to refrain from taking part in the war was broadcast today by the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem speaking from Rome.

The ex-Mufti, who is now in the service of the Axis powers, said that Arabs in America must realize that if the Allies win the war, Jewish influence will increase in the post-war world. “Already a large number of senators and congressmen in the United States are demanding the opening of the gates of Palestine for Jews,” he stated.

Quoting Dr. Chaim Weizmann as having allegedly said that “North Africa will form a bridge between New York and Jerusalem,” the ex-Mufti declared that the Allies will take sides with the Jews on the question of Palestine and are “already supposing the Jews against the Moslems in North Africa and are planning to make Morocco a shelter for Jewish refugees.” This, the ex-Mufti asserted, explains Dr. Weizmann statement.